Battery Jumpstart service

Both hot and cold seasons can impact your car’s battery. It seems like every driver will need professional battery jumpstart services at some point—unfortunately, it’s often not unless you get ready to go somewhere that you discover your issue.

At HM Towing Services, we can provide you with jumpstart battery services 24-hours every day! You can always rely on our team from HM Towing Services whenever your car does not start. Our team will come equipped with professional recharging equipment to give your battery a boost without causing any damage to your vehicle. Call us at 682-348-9525 to contact convenient service operators for any battery across Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, Dallas, or Arlington, TX.

Primary causes of drained batteries

We have noticed a lot of car owners wondering what it was that caused their car battery to fail. No matter who you ask, people always tend to have a different answer each time. Our team from HM Towing Services feels like a better question is, what does not cause a problem? Since the battery is a critical component of your vehicle, several things may leave your car battery drained. With that said, our experts have noticed a few issues that seem to occur more often than others. You need to inspect your car battery if you experience a few or a combination of situations like:

  • Charging failures
  • Electrical failures
  • Worn-out alternator
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Damaged cables
  • Leaving lights on
  • Worn-out batteries
  • And several other causes

No matter the reason, our team is always ready to help you out. Contact our team right away to get prompt and affordable jump start battery assistance and tow truck services across multiple locations in Texas.

How can you prevent a dead car battery?

Keeping your car battery in ideal condition means preventing any unnecessary power loss. One of the easiest ways you can do so is by parking your vehicle inside. Garages are ideally the best place, but even a small shed can help. Taking the long route a few times, every week can help you prevent dead batteries. Direct heat from the sun is only going to run your battery dry. Your battery tends to receive some charge when driving, thanks to the alternator.

And finally, you need to ensure you shut off all the headlights and other lights before you park your vehicle. If possible, don’t try to operate your radio or lights when your car is turned off. Nevertheless, if it’s too late for you to prevent your car battery from running out, you can always hire emergency roadside assistance from HM Towing Services.

We offer several other roadside assistance services as well!

There are so many things that can go wrong regarding vehicles. Whether it is a dead battery or a flat tire change, you will have two options if you can’t drive your car for any reason. Either you have to deal with the issue yourself or call for professional roadside assistance from HM Towing Services to help you restore your car. Following are a few types of roadside assistance services that we have to offer:

Flat tire service

A flat tire is a common issue that you can fix without hiring professional assistance. Nevertheless, if you don’t have any previous experience changing a tire or are not confident in your ability to do so, it would be best if you call HM Towing Services right away! We have experts who are trained to change a car battery effortlessly.

Lockout service

A lockout can ruin your beautiful day. The best and easiest solution for this problem is to call for professional ignition key extraction and recovery services from HM Towing Services. We can also offer you jammed ignition key solutions that can help you retrieve your car keys without damaging your vehicle’s locking system.

Fuel delivery

All car owners require out of gas refill service when their car runs out of gas, and there is no gas station nearby. A professional from HM Towing Services can reach your location and provide you with empty gas tank solutions to help you reach the nearest gas station.

We also offer all types of towing services.

Our team from HM Towing Services offers local & long-distance towing services as well. Whether you need heavy-duty towing or a motorcycle towing service around Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, Dallas, or Arlington, our team is all you need. Our company has been in the auto towing business for years, and all our professionals know how to tow a car without damaging it properly. We offer car towing dolly services, flatbed towing services, and even wrecker services if required. If you have been in an accident, we can also provide high-end accident removal services that do not break the bank!

Need emergency jump start assistance? Contact HM Towing Services!

When your vehicle’s battery is out of juice, you will not have any time to waste. It would help if you started looking for a convenient source of service that does not cost you a lot of money. This is where our team from HM Towing Services can help. All our experienced technicians will have your vehicle fixed in no time. Contact us right away, whether you get stranded at the store, work, or school! We serve across multiple locations in Texas and will get to your location equipped with everything we need to help bring you and your vehicle back to safety.

Our team can work with all types of vehicles and even haul your car to a nearby mechanic if your battery is beyond repair. You can call us at 682-348-9525 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.


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